Architecture and
A story about three buildings, each with a pathological
problem connecting it to a larger cultural dialog.

Through the mechanisms of vandalism, idiosyncrasy, and dilapidation, the buildings raise the possibility that architecture might transcend its practical obligations to become our most potent form of cultural expression.


Lund, Sweden - September 2015 - International Architecture Film Festival
Baltimore - April 1, 2015 - 6pm - AIA / MICA Brown Center
Boston - Nov 13 - Feb 5 - Pinkcomma Gallery
Brooklyn, New York - Oct 6 - 6:00pm - Pratt Institute
Winnipeg (Canada) - Sept 27 - 9:00pm - WNDX Festival of the Moving Image
San Diego - Sept 19 - 6:30pm - Woodbury University
Los Angeles - Sept 18 - 7:00pm - Jai & Jai

architectural proposals by John Szot Studio
directed by John Szot

Architecture and the Unspeakable is a Brooklyn Digital Foundry production

special thanks to:

Seiji Anderson
Ellis G. - handstyle on the Soho Project
Mitch Clark and Naoko Okuyama - Japanese translation
Seiko Shih - Japanese narration
Nathan Freise - sound samples for Shibuya
Robert Szot - stunt sledgehammer operator
Iker Gil and the team at MAS CONTEXT
street writers everywhere